Meet Stephen

Hi there I'm Stephen, the owner and advisor for Medicare Help Company. I've spent my entire professional career helping clients find solutions that work best for them. 

As an insurance broker, I don’t work for the insurance company, I work for you. I am able to show you a range of great options and prices from highly rated companies instead of being tied to one insurance company's products.

Meet the Family

Outside of work, my greatest passion is spending quality time with my wife and four kids. We enjoy pizza, movie, and game nights. Most of us enjoy camping and spending time outside. We enjoy being involved in our local church as well.

Shouldn't getting Medicare be easier than it is? We understand that Medicare is confusing! We help you enroll in Medicare parts A & B and answer ALL your questions. Then we provide personal education into your choices for Medicare supplements, Part D, Medicare Advantage, Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage. 

For many Seniors, Medicare Insurance is the last health insurance they will need to buy. We look forward to helping your now and providing the ongoing service you'll need in the future.